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Vaadin Widgetset Compilation with Maven

Joram has written an interesting post on how to avoid having Maven recompile the Widgetset for a Vaadin project with every build: Our continuous integration turnaround time for Vaadin projects has dropped to a few seconds without the GWT … Continue reading

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Maven, GWT and ECJ

When compiling a GWT webapp with the GWT Maven Plugin, you might encounter an exception such as java.lang.NoSuchFieldError: warningThreshold The reason is having ECJ in your classpath with a version different from what GWT includes. Unfortunately, GWT’s version is not … Continue reading

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Tomcat not reloading Vaadin App’s View when running in Eclipse

Ever had the problem that changes to a Vaadin App’s UI were not reflected in the runtime when running and deploying to a Tomcat in Eclipse, even after reloading the app? Vaadin stores views in the Session, and a default … Continue reading

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Eclipse Plugin for Concordion

I’ve released a new Eclipse Plugin for editing Concordion Specifications. Concordion is a cool integration testing framework, check out the tutorial if you’re new to Concordion. The plugin can be installed from the update site as described on the Project … Continue reading

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