Maven, GWT and ECJ

When compiling a GWT webapp with the GWT Maven Plugin, you might encounter an exception such as

java.lang.NoSuchFieldError: warningThreshold

The reason is having ECJ in your classpath with a version different from what GWT includes. Unfortunately, GWT’s version is not repackaged and thus clashes with other versions. The quick fix is setting the gwtSdkFirstInClasspath configuration option for the gwt-maven-plugin (available since 2.1.0-1, see this issue):

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6 Responses to Maven, GWT and ECJ

  1. rulrura says:

    Wow~~~~~~ Thanks, Thanks…… very very much !!!!!

  2. S says:

    Worked like magic, thanks!

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  4. Shrek says:

    You saved my life, man.

  5. Works like a charm! Thanks dude!

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