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Scripting using JSR 223 in an OSGi environment

When providing scripting in a Java application, scripting engines conforming to JSR 223 (e.g. Groovy, JRuby, Scala, …) can easily be embedded using something along the lines of However, in an OSGi-based application, the ScriptEngineManager fails to discover scripting engines … Continue reading

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Maven: Check for dependecy and plugin updates

Ever wanted to check if there are updates for any of your Maven project dependencies or plugins? It’s as easy as doing mvn versions:display-dependency-updates versions:display-plugin-updates From Maven Versions Plugin.

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Eclipse Jubula Automated Test Ant File

As a followup to my previous post on automating Eclipse Jubula tests with Jenkins, here’s an Ant file that Extracts the target platform (Eclipse in this case) and Jubula’s instrumentation plugin Deploys the plugins under test into the target platform … Continue reading

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Automating Eclipse Jubula Tests with Jenkins

Eclipse Jubula is a pretty new addition to the Eclipse universe. It’s a functional UI testing tool that allows you to specify and run tests. The tests are not code-based but can be assembled from available building blocks or recorded … Continue reading

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Masquerade Service Simulator 0.9.1

Masquerade Service Simulator 0.9.1 has been released. It comes with some bug fixes and a few new features: Fixed class loading issues in standalone mode Added XPathAlternativesRequestIdProvider Added Tibco EMS connection factory provider Provide (default) option to not persist request … Continue reading

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Configuring Maven Mirrors

Configuring a Maven mirror might be a good idea for example when You live in Europe and the UK mirror is faster for your is experiencing troubles It was only yesterday when was down that I learned how … Continue reading

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Masquerade Service Simulator Released

A first version of Masquerade Service Simulator has been released. Masquerade is a configurable Service Simulator that returns simulated responses for service requests. Service stubs can easily be implemented using Masquerade. Simply run Masquerade standalone using its embedded Jetty server … Continue reading

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